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My Secret Instagram Trick For Growing Organically

Welcome back to the Instagram Guru Blog and happy Tuesday.

So, today I want to reveal to you guys my secret strategy for growing on Instagram. Yes guys, this is a strategy that I have been using for almost two years. This is a strategy that I recommend to all my followers and all my friends, and it is a really, really simple one.

So if you're interested, keep reading.

Are you ready to find out what my strategy is? It's one word and it's super simple.


I know, right? You guys were expecting something a little more dramatic? But no, guys, seriously consistency is the key to growing on Instagram, Facebook, any social media platform. Even YouTube. You guys need to be consistent.

There's two reasons for this.

One is for your audience. The second is for the Instagram algorithm, or any algorithm for that matter. We'll just call it the algorithm for all social media platforms.

So first off, let's start with your audience. Imagine you land on a page through the Explorer feed, through a hashtag, whatever. And this page has all the content you've been looking for. You love their photos, you love the value they provide, you love their InstaStories. The person just resonates with you and you love it. And you just want more of their content, and you want to see them every day on your feed.

Now imagine how annoying it would be if you just didn't know when they posted. Some days you see them, some days you don't. One week they'll post like four photos a day, the other week they'll just go MIA, you don't find them. You have to keep searching to see if they uploaded content.

There's no consistency.

How bummed out would you be if that was the case? I can tell you, I see several pages like this and it really bums me out because they have good content, they have good pictures, and they just don't upload consistently. So at some point, I just get really annoyed. I'm just like, forget it, I don't want to follow this person because I can't rely on them.

And I know it's really funny for me to use a word like "rely" for following an Instagram page, but whether you guys realize this or not, you do develop relationships with your audience. They have a relationship with you.

I actually have a follower @emiliecorinne that told me that everyday her and her 2.5 year old daughter sit down and wait for me to post. And her daughter actually nicknamed me Tall-Tall. Like, that is adorable.

This is a relationship that you form with people when they expect to see you on their feed and you have that consistency. And they know they can rely on you daily to pop up on their feed.

So that's in terms of your audience. You know, you want to build that relationship and build that trust. Always provide value, so they know when you're gonna show up and you're being consistent.

Now, on the other hand, we also have the algorithm. The algorithm goes Coco for Cocoa puffs over consistency, guys. It loves consistency. Because, kind of like your audience, it knows it can rely on you. So, no, it doesn't actually care when and if you post consistently, but hear me out.

Whenever your audience knows they can rely on you, they tend to expect your posts. And so they'll land on your page more. And when you do post, your post is gonna pop up to the top of the feed, because they're always liking your posts, they're always commenting, they're always engaging.

They're telling the algorithm they really value your information and that they appreciate your consistency. And in turn, the algorithm takes all that into consideration and it shows you some live as well. So it's gonna make sure that whenever you post, your post is gonna pop up to the very top of their feed. Because your audience is showing you love, so the algorithm's like, "Oh, these people really like what she has to say. All right, I'm gonna make sure they see what she has to say."

When you put an InstaStory, your InstaStory's gonna be first. It doesn't matter if people posted way before you or way after you. Your InstaStory, the algorithm's gonna make sure that they see it. Same thing for Instalive, same thing for the Explorer page, and for hashtags that you're trending.

So you guys can see why it's really, really important to be consistent for the algorithm, but more so for your audience.

I hope you guys are now gonna try to be a little bit more consistent. 'Cause I know a lot of you out there are having a difficult time with that. I've heard a lot of people say that they don't know how to create content, they don't know what to post, and when the time comes, they're just like, "I don't have anything to post, I'm not gonna post anything."

I really, really hope this video helped you understand why you need to be a little bit more consistent. Plan your posts ahead, even if it's just a day or two.

If you guys found that helpful, make sure to drop a comment below and let me know if you found it helpful. And of course, give this blog post a thumbs up. I really, really appreciate it. It helps me out with the Google algorithm and SEO.

As always, if there's anything you guys want me to talk about, shoot me a dm on @workout_unicorn, or drop a comment below. I would be more than happy to film whatever topics you guys want me to discuss.

Have an amazing day. And I'll see you next week.

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