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What Is The Best Type Of Content To Post On Instagram?

Welcome back to the Instagram Guru blog!

In this post I want to talk to you guys about a little topic that I find really, really interesting, and I've actually done a lot of research about this so I'm excited to talk about it.

What kind of content should you post? Videos or photos? What performs better? What do people like more on Instagram, videos or pictures?

Now, I know you guys are all probably thinking the same thing. Duh, videos. Everybody loves videos. Guys, that's actually not necessarily true.

The type of content that you should post depends on your account.

I'll give you a couple of examples. First of all, you have to consider your audience. What is your audience going to enjoy? Obviously, each audience is different so I know for my page, my audience is not a fan of videos. My videos don't do very well when I put them up as posts, but my Instastories and Instalives do really, really well. I know not to post videos as actual posts, but my audience connects better with my captions and with regular pictures, so I'm going to do that and provide them more of what they want.

Now, on several of my client's accounts, they always post videos because their videos blow up. Their audience loves the videos and they obviously should be posting more of that.

The first thing you should consider is what does your audience like and the way to determine this is by actually testing it out. For a whole week, try posting a video, posting a post, a video, a picture, a video, picture, and kind of see what does better that way you get three days of videos, three days of pictures and see what performs better. Obviously, don't change the content too much so that we can kind of keep that variable fixed, but see what your audience engage with more.

If they like videos, obviously aim for more videos 'cause that's going to increase your engagement and it's going to increase their engagement with your posts. If they like posts and pictures better, go for that.

Now, besides what your audience want, you also have to consider what your page is about. If you have a page where you can convey the information that you want and provide value to your audience by just using pictures and they like pictures, great, go for that, but if you have a page where your a fitness entrepreneur and your entire page is just work outs. Obviously, it would be better and easier to convey the kind of work out that you put together through a video instead of trying to just show picture after picture of how to perform a squat correctly.

Does that make sense?

Besides what your audience wants to see, you have to consider what your page is about and what kind of information you're trying to deliver. If it can be easily delivered with a post and you prefer posting pictures, do that, but if you need a video to convey the information, obviously go with a video because it's going to make a lot more sense and it's going to be easier for your audience to absorb that information.

I hope that answered your guy's question, and as always if you enjoy this blog, please make sure to give it a thumbs up. That really, really helps me out and drop a comment below just saying hi, dropping in, whatever. I love hearing from you guys and I will see you guys next week!

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