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What is up, beautiful people? Happy Tuesday, and welcome back to the blog.

Okay, so today's blog is actually coming up because I got a question from somebody on Instagram. Usually that's where I get most of my DMs. People send me a lot of questions and messages, and so someone reached out to me and said, "My post did really well. I went viral and I got so lucky," and I was triggered, guys. I was triggered because there is no such thing as luck on Instagram.

So I'm going to explain why, I'm going to explain why luck doesn't exist on social media and how you can essentially create your own luck so that your posts always perform well and they're always successful and you're not waiting for that one minute where you got lucky.

All right, so you guys know how you'll be posting videos, you'll be posting pictures onto your account, you'll get like a hundred likes, and then one day, bam, your post gets like a thousand likes. You get a ton of comments, you get a bunch of impressions, a bunch of reach, and the Instagram gods have shined down on you. They love you and they're showing you love that day, and you got so, so lucky. Your post is so lucky. Guys, there is no such thing as luck on Instagram. There is no such thing as luck on any social media platform, so please stop using the word luck. It does not exist. Let me explain to you why.

If I were to ask you, how can you get lucky on Google? Is it by luck that your website happens to pop up as the first search result when people search for it on Google or Bing or any other search engine? No. People invest tons of money and tons of time perfecting their SEO and making sure that their website or their service or whatever it is they offer pops up number one on Google when people search for that. People pay for it. People will pay like SEO specialists to modify their website, and so there are specific things that go into making sure that you show up as the first search result on Google when people search for your name, your product, or your service. There's no luck there.

The same thing applies to Facebook. Is it luck that when people search for your business or search for a keyword that has to do with your business or service that you pop up as the first search on Facebook? No. Again, this is an algorithm. It goes off of specific things. There's different factors that you have to kind of check off and make sure that you've perfected them so that you appear the first or second or third search result on Facebook as opposed to way down on page 100 or whatever.

For youtube, is it luck that your video happens to pop up in the top search results when people search for that keyword or that topic? No. You have to use the right keywords. You have to get a certain amount of engagement and visibility in order for your video to be the first one. The same thing applies to Instagram, guys. This is an algorithm. There's no luck here. All you have to do is make sure that you check certain boxes off that the algorithm is searching for and that's how you become successful on Instagram.

Is it by luck that all of my posts are always trending on hashtags that I use? No, it's because I've taken so much time to perfect my hashtag strategy and I figured out exactly what I need to do for those hashtags and which ones to use and how big they have to be so that I do get the right visibility for them and so that I make it to the top trending section, and my post stays there sometimes for days and weeks on end, and this is not luck. This is strategy, and this is stuff that I've researched and I've worked hard on.

The same thing applies to your stories. It's not by luck that you get a lot of views. You have to know how to use your stories and how to use all the features that Instagram offers so that you get a lot of visibility, and so that's why it really, really triggers me when people say, "My post got lucky." You didn't get lucky. You just happened to do something that checked off enough boxes in the Instagram algorithm for you to make it to that lucky position.

And so there are ways that you can essentially recreate that luck, and I cover all of them in the Instagram Guru course, and so many things go into it, but your posts will do well if you have a good hashtag strategy, if you're attracting the right audience, if you know how to find your followers online. It's not just by luck. These are all things that you can learn and perfect to make your account successful.

So I hope that helped, and I hope you guys never used the word luck again when it comes to Instagram or any other algorithm or social media platform. If you guys have any follow-up questions or anything that I didn't cover, make sure to leave a comment below or shoot me a DM on Instagram at workout_unicorn. I'd be more than happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Thanks so much for tuning in, and have an awesome, awesome day.

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