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Delete Your Instagram Account If You’ve Bought Fake Followers

What is up, guys?

Today I want to talk to you guys about a topic, which I find super, super interesting, so I hope you guys agree. So, today I want to talk to you guys about a topic, which I really love addressing because it's something that happens to a lot of us and it's something that a lot of people have engaged in. So, I really want to address that question. Is your account dead or should you just X it and start over if you've ever bought followers or are currently buying followers? I know that's something you guys are probably wondering, a ton of us have engaged in this activity, so I'm going to address all your questions right now.

For those of you guys that don't know, Instagram, just like a lot of social media platforms, allows you to buy followers. You can buy followers, you can buy fake engagement, you can buy just about anything. Some of the followers are really good. Some of them are really bad. It depends on where you get them and how much you pay for them. But that's for another video.

Let's say you've bought followers in the past or you're currently buying followers because you're trying to boost your follower account and you think this is going to help you grow. Does that mean that your account is essentially dead and without fake followers you can't revive it or you're seeing your engagement go significantly down? Maybe you got shadow banned because you bought followers and essentially you're thinking all these things. Should you just delete your account and start over with a fresh one and not buy any followers?

I know this answer is probably going to upset a lot of people, but based on my research, this is what I found. Your account is not dead. Even if you've bought followers or are currently buying followers, it is okay. Should you keep buying them? Absolutely not. Not just because it costs you money. They're kind of going against what you're trying to do. You're trying to grow an account. You're trying to get real, actual followers. Buying fake followers is not going to do that. Nobody cares about the number at the top of your page. No, you should not keep buying followers.

But to address the question, a lot of people have the fear that if they bought followers and their account is shadow banned or their engagement is down, it's nothing like that. First of all, the first thing that you should do is obviously stop buying followers. The reason we want to do that is because we want to stop the growth on your account, and so keep it where it's at. Keep it right where it's at so that the numbers don't keep changing. Then you have to start focusing your strategy on actual growth and engagement.

You have to make sure that you're getting real likes, and real comments, and real visibility from other people because you can have 200,000 followers but the algorithm can tell what your impressions are. Yeah, you could buy impressions, too, but even the really good impressions are still fake. The algorithm knows these things. Instagram has essentially perfected their method for detecting fake accounts, fake engagement, and they won't penalize you for it. They might limit the visibility that you get. They might even delete your account. But it's more important that you actually have real growth on your account, as opposed to trying to fake your way through it. Even if you've bought followers in the past, it's not a big deal. Just stop buying them and focus on actually growing.

The way you can do this is by active engagement. Go out and engage with your audience. Go through your account and see who's a real follower because I'm sure you've got some real ones in the mix. Go into your comments section. Show people there love. Respond to their comments. Go to their pages and like some of their pictures. Get actual visibility for your account so that you increase your chances of showing up on the Explore feed for those people that you follow and those that follow you, as well as other accounts that might be interested in your content.

Another way is to perfect your hashtag strategy. There is a YouTube video in my channel on the playlist that you can watch. I talk all about how you should break up your hashtags and what strategy I use. This strategy is really, really, really helpful for you to get visibility from new, real, authentic accounts.

Guys, like I said, if you bought followers, it's okay. Not a big deal. Just stop doing it. Don't buy any more. Don't buy fake anything. Just focus on actual growth of the two methods I mentioned here. Of course, if you're looking for additional methods, you can check out my free Instagram Growth Guide. I linked it below. It's packed with eight of the simplest best tips that you could do to get engagement and get visibility on your account from real accounts. I hope that helps. I hope that addressed your questions.

If you have anymore questions, make sure to drop a comment below or send me a message on @workout_unicorn. I'd be more than happy to answer them. I love you guys so much and I'm excited to see you all next week.

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