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You Need V, En or Ed To Be Popular On Instagram

Happy Tuesday, and welcome back to The Instagram Guru blog.

Today we're going to talk about a topic that I get asked about a lot. Basically, a lot of people are struggling with what their account needs to provide to be successful. And this is a question that I get asked a lot, so if you're wondering this, we're going to cover it today.

Okay, first off, what does your account need to provide? There are three things that every single account needs to provide, and you have to have at least one of them. Ideally, if you can check off two or three that would be the best. The more the better. But, generally speaking, just having one is very, very important. So let's break down what those three things are.

The first thing is value. Your account needs to provide your audience, and followers, and people that land on your page with some value. Now the value doesn't necessarily have to be educational, which we'll talk about in a second, but more so, it just has to have some value for them. So if you go to a travel bloggers account, the value in that account is the beautiful pictures, and the destinations, and the wanderlust that you're following them for.

If you go to a fitness person's account, even if they don't share their workouts, just having pictures of their super ripped bods, or them during prep is motivation for you, and those pretty pictures are the value that they're providing.

Your account has to have some form of value, even if it's not education or entertainment, which are two things we're going to cover in a second. But the most basic thing is it has to have some value for the people following you, or else they're not going to follow you.

A bad example of value would be if you go to a page and it has pictures of dogs, and pictures of plants, and some workout videos, and pictures of a ring, and pictures of mountains. There's no cohesive niche here, there's no value being provided. I mean, all these pictures may be beautiful on their own, but there is nothing tying them together, and a person landing here is just going to get a real big headache and wonder why the heck they're even on your page. So the first thing is value.

The second thing is entertainment. A lot of accounts, as you guys know, like meme accounts, or funny video accounts, or accounts that go viral, they provide some form of entertainment. It could be something that makes you laugh, it could be something that gets you thinking. It doesn't necessarily have to be like Hollywood quality entertainment, but just entertainment of some sort that is entertaining to you. That's the best way I can put it.

A great example of this would be meme accounts, funny video accounts, anything of the sort. So that's entertainment. Generally speaking, if you are trying to grow your account, I wouldn't recommend picking entertainment. Once you have an established account it's okay to incorporate entertainment, but if you're trying to grow your account simply based on entertainment, you have to essentially go viral to become successful. Because unless you're creating content naturally, a lot of times these accounts are repurposing content from other accounts, and it's very difficult to grow that way.

The third, and this is my favorite, this is what my account focuses on and this is what I recommend a lot of peoples' account focus on, because it really is the easiest way to grow. Education. Education is just basically anything that teaches people something. So if you land on my account, you will see that I provide a ton of value. In my captions, I talk about Instagram, how to use the different functions, how to use the features that Instagram offers, how you can use these things to get engagement, to get visibility, how you can grow more followers. These are all things that I share on my account, and this is how I educate my audience.

If you land on a lot of successful fitness accounts, you'll see that they also educate their audience, they provide their workouts, they provide their meal plans, they provide educational information about how to break up your workouts, and your workout split, and what you should do. And so education is a really great way to get people onto your page, and to get them to stay, because they love you and they're also loving the content that you're sharing, because you're teaching them things.

So I hope that helped, I hope that all made sense, and as always, if you guys have any questions make sure to drop a comment below and ask, or you can shoot me a DM @workout_unicorn on Instagram, or Facebook. I would be more than happy to answer. Thank you guys for tuning in, and I will see you all next week.

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