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Giveaways - The Easiest Way To Gain Followers?

Hello, hello beautiful people and welcome back to the Instagram Guru blog. In today's blog I'm going to cover giveaways for growth. Should you do a giveaway on your page in order to grow, what do you need to include in your giveaway and kind of the best guidelines for one.

First of all I'm gonna address the question really quickly in case some of y'all just want to hop off. Should you do a giveaway in order to grow, is that the best way to grow your social media platform? No, goodbye. Just kidding. So, no, it is not a good way to grow and I'll explain why. So giveaways are really structured in a way that they benefit your existing audience. You could grow a little bit if you are targeting the right people with your giveaway but generally speaking they're not a good way to grow. Let me give you an example of a giveaway. So what I do, I have a sponsor, Til You Collapse, they're my clothing sponsors.

Back in the day I did a giveaway with them, we collaborated together before I was sponsored and what I did was a leggings giveaway on my page. You could go pick a pair of leggings, any pair of leggings that you want from their page, all you have to do is make sure to follow me, follow them and tag a friend below, that's it. That's usually the structure of a giveaway. Sometimes it'll be follow them, follow me or whatever account you're doing the giveaway with and tag two or three people below, something like that, but generally that's the structure of a giveaway. They featured it on their page, I featured it on mine and that was that. If you look at that post, I still have it up, I think I got to close to 7,000 comments.

Guys, I've never gotten that many comments on a post, by the way in case y'all are wondering. 7,000 comments, okay? So many people tagged their friends and I've got ... I think I gained like I want to say 2,000, 3,000 people. Now you would assume that if 7,000 comments were tagged, not all people follow the rules, sometimes they'll just tag in the hopes that you don't notice or whatever. That's the first reason it's really not a good way to grow. Some people don't follow the rules and they're not gonna follow you or the other page, they'll just tag their friends or whatever, which is good for engagement I guess but you're not gonna grow effectively that way. Okay, that's the first thing.

Secondly, they tagged everybody, I chose a giveaway winner and guess what happens to all those followers that I gained? Bye, they all went away. Which is not surprising, honestly. So the whole point of the giveaway was to get them to my page and people think if they're already on my page they're gonna stay on my page and that is where you are wrong.

They will not stay on your page because nowadays the follow is very, very expensive. People don't wanna just hit that follow button, there's so many options out there to follow. They're not gonna follow you just because you did a giveaway way back when and keep engaging with your content. Now if they follow you but they're not engaging with their content that's still pretty bad and if you have no idea why check out my recent video, I explain it all in there.

Anyways, my point is if you're looking to grow your following with people from a giveaway it's not gonna work. First of all the company or the person or whatever you're collaborating with probably doesn't have your ideal target audience there. So people are gonna follow your page for the giveaway. Once you announce the winner and they win or they don't win, whatever, they're gonna unfollow because they don't care about you, they don't care about your content, they don't care about anything that has to do with your page. They're there for the giveaway and once the giveaways done they're gone, okay? That's the first thing.

Secondly, like I said, most people don't actually follow the rules. So they'll tag their friends and they'll leave a comment but they won't actually follow you 'cause they're like they won't notice, whatever, they get 7,000 comments, some people even get like 50,000 comments. So it's really like a ... kind of a drop in the bucket, they don't really care. So those are the two reasons hosting giveaways for growth is not a good idea, okay? If you do want to host a giveaway this is why you should do it. If you want to give back to your existing community members. If you really just have ... like you collaborated with a brand or a brand reached out to and was like, "Hey, we want to do a giveaway on your page, just to thank your audience," and you're really not focused on growth, you just want to give back or let's say if you're sponsored, a lot of Gymshark athletes will do this where they get a ton of clothes and they just don't want to keep them all or they didn't wear them, they'll do a giveaway for some of those clothing.

If you want to give back to your existing audience and do a giveaway for that to kind of boost morale and show them appreciation, that is why you should a giveaway because that is excellent. You can have them tag their friends and you can have them make sure they're following you and you might grow a little bit by a couple hundred followers here or there and they're more likely to stick around. 'Cause if their friends are interested in something and they're already following you then the friends of the friends are also likely to be interested in what you're posting. But that is the only reason I think you should be doing a giveaway.

If you're doing a giveaway just to try to grow and you're like I'll give them a $500 Amazon gift card and this'll get me a bunch of followers, it won't, you might as well go invest those $500 in buying those followers 'cause they're gonna be fake anywhere and they're gonna be gone eventually. I'm not kidding, if you don't believe me try it out, let me know, shoot me a DM and let me know how your little experiment went. I've been working with big brands and companies and this has been proven time and time again. So I hope this video helped and I hope it made sense and I hope it saved you $500 from trying to get people to follow you for an Amazon gift card.

If you have any questions make sure to drop them in the comment box below or shoot me a DM at workout_unicorn. I always answer all my DM's and if there are any topics you would like me to cover shoot me a message, let me know in my Facebook group, drop it in the comments below. I love creating content for you guys. Thank you guys so, so much and I will see you all next week.

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