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About Me

Instagram Growth Coach

Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I have ever been - Iain Thomas _Top by _womensbest

hey! I'm ortal LEVITAN

I'm n Instagram growth specialist whose mission is to help content creators grow their social media and scale their online business without paying tons of money for ads and funnels. I've successfully built my huge social media by following my three basic rules: be consistent, be transparent and help others by always being authentic and honest.


My career in social media and online coaching began as an online health and fitness instructor. I helped my clients lose weight by helping them shift their mindset around food, emotional eating and working out.  After making an impact on the fitness world, I am proud to say that I have grown into a fitness instructor and influencer, but more importantly I have gained the knowledge and experienced first hand the right way to grow your social media and grow your online business (and the wrong way).

My purpose is to help entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes I made when trying to get followers, get more clients for their online business and use their social media to live the life they desire and deserve.


Maybe you're already doing online coaching but want additional help growing your business. Maybe you're sick of trying to DIY and figure out paid ads, how to grow your audience without buying followers, how to get sponsored or grow an email list.

I wanted someone to tell me how to do it instead of making me read endless articles and figure it out myself. If any of these things resonate with you, you've come to the right place. This is exactly where I started when I first started growing my social media and online business. Now I make a living doing what I love and making a living from it. 

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xoxo- Ortal 

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