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How To Choose The BEST Instagram Profile Picture

Hello beautiful people, happy Tuesday and welcome back to the Instagram Guru Blog. In today's blog, I want to talk all about profile pictures.

Is there an ideal picture you should upload to get more followers and get more visibility for your page?

is there an actual picture that you should put there? Is there something that will get you more followers and more engagement on your page?

Yes. The answer is yes. So we're going to break this down into whether or not you're a business or whether or not you're a personal brand or a personal page.

Business: Now I'm not talking about personal brands or bloggers, or influencers, or anything like that. An actual business, like a brick and mortar, or online store, or company, or something like that. In that case you always want to use your logo as your profile picture. Not a picture of you or your staff or anything like that. Put your logo up there. That is the number one most important thing I can tell brands. Because a lot of times they will just leave it blank or they'll upload a picture of the CEO, or something like that, or whoever's in charge. It's not ideal. If you have a logo, use your logo if you're a brand.

Personal brands and influencers: If you are a personal brand, an influencer, a blogger, any like that, an entrepreneur of sorts, you should upload a picture of your face. Yes, guys your face. Not a full body shot, not something that's totally zoomed out, people need to see your face.


Well studies have actually been done about this, and people that have a profile picture of their face as their profile picture get on average about 40% more followers, people hit that follow button more. And they get more engagement. The reason is because we connect as human beings, on a subconscious level we connect when we see a face. And so if you were to see a zoomed out picture of someone, even though they look really great in that picture, if you can't totally see their face, subconsciously that connection is not being made. And so if you want to see a little bit of an increase in your engagement and in your follower number, make sure to upload a picture of your face.

Obviously make sure it's bright and visually appealing, not you in a dark bathroom with a selfie camera in front of your face. But make sure they can see your face and they can see your face clearly.

Those are my best recommendation in terms of profile pictures. And again, if you're a brand use your logo. But if you're a personal brand or an influencer or blogger, even if you have pictures that are really, really pretty and the view is insane, forget that. Upload a picture where they can see your face. You will see a change in your engagements and the visibility on your page.

I hope this made sense. And as always if you enjoyed my content, make sure to give it a thumbs up and drop a comment below, I really really appreciate it and I will see you guys next week.

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